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MWS Festivals

MWS Festivals 2024

Welcome to MWS Festivals - where music, culture, and travel come together in a unique way! We are excited to announce our new venture for 2024, where we will offer a series of amazing choir festivals throughout Europe.


Join us in Prague, Ljubljana, Tuscany, and Budapest and experience an unforgettable musical journey with like-minded choir singers from all over the world. Our festivals are open to both amateur and professional choir singers, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced vocalist, you are welcome to participate.


During our festivals, you will have the opportunity to sing in some of Europe's most beautiful churches and concert halls. Additionally, you will get to explore the local culture and taste delicious cuisine from the region.


We are confident that our choir festivals will provide you with a musical experience of a lifetime, and we look forward to welcoming you to MWS Festivals 2024.


Join our community of choir singers and music enthusiasts today!

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Festivals and Concerts 2024 / MWS Festivals

Czech Republic, Prague May. 3-6

Slovenia, Ljubljana Sep. 20-23

Italy, Tuscany Montecatini Oct. 10-13

Hungary, Budapest Nov. 8-11

Hungary, Budapest Nov. 29 - Dec. 2

Mozart Requiem

Vivaldi Magnificat & Festival Dir. Gyula Hollo

Vivaldi Magnificat & Festival

Mozart Requiem (Matyas Church) Dir. Robert Zelizi (Stockholm)

Advent Festival (Basilica) Dir. Gyula Hollo

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